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As a vacation apartment & house rental and cooking school in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Albaycin and Alhambra Palace, Alhambra Vistas Vacation Rentals and the Mediterranean Cooking School carry out various policies and practices that:

Encourage appropriate and sustainable use of the local environment

Diminish or eliminate negative impacts on the local environment and culture

Create positive impacts and inputs in the local economy, infrastrucutre, and society

Encourage self-sustaining systems using local and renewable resources and diminish or eliminate the use of non-renewable resources

Cave House Rental
Completely natural & sustainble construction with natural finishes

These practices include:

The Cave House -- Casa Cueva -- and kitchen cave provide natural and excellent insulating properties for energy conservation using a totally sustainable construction technique. Read more about sustainable cave living in southern Spain.

Hiring locally as a way to support the local community

Separation and recycling of plastics, glass, and paper

Using dual flush toilets in the Casa Cueva and main house, for water conservation

Composting of organic wastes for use in the herb and flower gardens

Having guests to use towels over more than one day, thus cutting down on detergent, water, and electricity use

Having guests bring their own amenities instead of using packaged containers

Laundering sheets and towels only on upon check-out, unless requested sooner, saving energy, water, and detergents

Line-drying laundry instead of using an electric dryer

Use of energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration

Providing guests with information about the local environment and the nearby nature parks

Encouraging low-impact enjoyment of the local natural areas amongst guests

Encouraging guests to visit Granada's parks and protected areas

Utilizing high ceilings, cross-ventilation, and overhangs for cooling the conventionally constructed building, and not using any mechanical systems for air conditioning

Designing the building to utilize natural light in guest and public areas whenever possible so that electric lights are not required except at night

Purchasing locally-grown food products whenever possible

Maintaining on-site organic and sustainable herb gardens

Supporting other local businesses through purchasing

The use of natural materials in constriction and for finshes, such as linseed oil and calcium carbonate

Making minimal use of paper products for marketing efforts--reliance on the web site

Alhambra Vistas Vacation Rentals and/or its proprietors is a member of or listed with the following organizations that promote conservation, sustainable tourism or agriculture:





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