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Traveling to the historic city of Granada, Spain is easy. Options include direct flights, train, and car rental.
Granada Airport is now served not just by Iberia, the national carrier, from Barcelona and Madrid, but also by Air Europa and Vueling, as well.
A taxi ride from the airport to the Albaycin is currently around 27 euros, higher on Sundays and holidays.
The RENFE train station is downtown. A taxi from there to the rentals, about 5-7 euros.
To see a detailed pdf map of Granada, click on the link below.

Granada Map pdf

The Province of Granada

The Albaycin
Location of rentals

In fact Granada has everything to offer, from the Alhambra and the Albaicin to the intimate corners of nineteenth century Romanticism; from the enchatment of Oriental art to the dawn of the Gothic; from the flowering of the Renaissance to the exuberant brilliance of the Baroque. And if, from the point of view of the Arts, this rich diversity is overwhelming in its vitality without the dominance of one unilateral theme, Nature for her part provides analagous contrasts. In some places there is ruggedness, in other a delicacy full of half-tones; here is a city neither of the mountain no of the plain. The Sierra and the lowland intertwine in a stange arabesque and this gives the landscape both strenth and extraordinary variety. From the foot of the mountains to their summit there is an ascent of more than three thousand meters and from the region of perpetual snow it is possible to descend, in barely an hour, to a coast where every tropical fruit abounds. It would be difficult to find a land richer in variety and contrasts or one evoking emotions of greater depth and diversity.
Antonio Gallego y Burin, Granada: An Artistic and Historical Guide to the City

Granada Baloon Festival
Granada Vacation Rental
Taken from Casa Azahar

For more information on travel to Granada, please click here.
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